Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blogging 101

Blog,blog,blog. It seems everyone these days is blogging or tweeting while I am still playing around on Myspace. So in retaliation to my total lack of being on the cutting edge I now join the crowd.

Today I languished in my day job yearning for an idea, an opportunity for a change. So I followed up on some recent submissions of mine. I am, if no one reading this knows, an aspiring actor and today I contacted the casting agents of two very reputable theaters concerning my submissions. I am happy to say they returned my e-mails with definite maybes. Which is actually better than the silence I am usually used to. I am also happy to announce that I was contacted by an agent recently and intend that to become a very lucrative relationship. Yeah for me!!!

So anywho, I am a blogging virgin no longer!! What do you have to say about that Mom?! Jumping off the bridge with all the other cool kids aren't I Mom?!

More to come my devoted army of miscreants. Slaunches!

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