Saturday, July 4, 2009

A film in 48 hours


Hello, again! I the Great Glennisimo have something new and awe inspiring to share with my captive audience. I give you the miracle of moving pictures!! You will see a man making his way in the world, overcoming his handicap and communicating with others, A waiter who takes his order and others. Finally a cab driver, who is no Charles Chaplin, experiences something out of the ordinary...friendship. All this you will see without ever hearing a thing. The story is MUTED and it is below for you viewing enjoyment.

Until next time!! This is the Great Glennisimo!! ALAKAZAM!!!


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blogging 101

Blog,blog,blog. It seems everyone these days is blogging or tweeting while I am still playing around on Myspace. So in retaliation to my total lack of being on the cutting edge I now join the crowd.

Today I languished in my day job yearning for an idea, an opportunity for a change. So I followed up on some recent submissions of mine. I am, if no one reading this knows, an aspiring actor and today I contacted the casting agents of two very reputable theaters concerning my submissions. I am happy to say they returned my e-mails with definite maybes. Which is actually better than the silence I am usually used to. I am also happy to announce that I was contacted by an agent recently and intend that to become a very lucrative relationship. Yeah for me!!!

So anywho, I am a blogging virgin no longer!! What do you have to say about that Mom?! Jumping off the bridge with all the other cool kids aren't I Mom?!

More to come my devoted army of miscreants. Slaunches!